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Welcome to Portside Law, your trusted destination for comprehensive family law services in the Lower Mainland. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering effective, efficient, and transparent legal solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

Serving clients across Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, and the Fraser Valley, we strive to provide accessible and convenient options for consultations. Whether you prefer in-person meetings or virtual sessions, we are here to accommodate you.

At Portside Law, we understand that navigating family law matters can be financially challenging. That’s why we offer flexible fee structures for private clients, as well as support for those eligible for financial assistance through Legal Aid BC (LABC).

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Married clients looking for a plan for separation from the marriage including dividing all property, assets, debts and establishing parenting arrangements. We assist clients from beginning to end in negotiating such an agreement, and if that fails we litigate one. 


This route is possible when both parties are in agreement to move forward with a divorce and there is a separation agreement already filed with the court. We ensure your documents are completed properly and within the specific timelines required under the Divorce Act, and the Supreme Court (Family) Rules. 


We assist clients in determining what is included and excluded in family property such as; matrimonial homes, vehicles, registered and non-registered investment accounts, and pensions. We help develop plans which lead to a fair division of the family assets and liabilities.


Family dissolution often leads to uneven economic situations. We work quickly to address these economic differences to arrive at a fair result, considering any potential hardships faced by the clients.


Despite a relationship ending, separating parents typically want the best for their children; although, it is often difficult to work together to achieve that end with so much emotional baggage. We work to protect children, ensure a healthy relationship between parents is maintained, and always act in the best interest of the children.


An order, court pronouncement of law, that is of urgent nature. Throughout a person’s life, they will experience many changes. Sometimes those changes occur very quickly, with little notice, and out of our control. We will respond equally as quickly to ensure that the fallout of those changes is minimised and the client maintains the control in their life.


When the Ministry becomes involved in one’s life due to protection concerns.When a social worker from the Ministry of Child and Family Development finds that there are protection concerns with the guardianship of the child, it can be life altering, stressful, and downright scary. We ensure that the clients are properly supported and challenge the Ministry when necessary.


Agreement that spouses enter into to protect their property in the event of the dissolution of their relationship. Prenuptial and Cohabitation agreements can protect a person’s assets in an unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown. However a poorly written agreement will do nothing to protect these interests and can actually cause more harm than good. We ensure that such agreements are clear, protective, and enforceable. 


Adding a family member, under the age of 18, to your family is an exciting and happy experience. But it includes a large amount of paperwork and effort to formalise. We take out the work of the adoption and liaise with the appropriate adoption agency to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.


Clients may choose this option in cases where it may not be financially viable to formally retain a lawyer to act in all aspects of litigation. A lawyer may be retained in a consulting capacity or on a limited retainer to support clients through the litigation process. We are available for legal coaching and unbundled services for clients located anywhere in British Columbia.